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Competence on Inland Waterways

River Advice is the leading global competence platform for passenger ships on inland waterways. It offers a wide range of services for ship owners and tour operators on European inland waters.

 Thanks to its comprehensive network, River Advice is able to offer a wide variety of services. These range from advice when planning and designing ships to ship surveillance and crew management.

River Advice strives to meet – and exceed – the highest standards in terms of safety, environmental protection and customer satisfaction. To do this, it relies on innovation and the latest technologies in inland shipping.

As market leader, the Group operates numerous river cruise ships on the Danube, Rhine, Seine and other European waterways.


The white label services offered by the River Advice Group are modular in structure and tailored to the individual needs of ship owners, shipping companies and tour operators.

 River Advice has an experienced and qualified team with outstanding consultation skills for passenger ship management.

Consultation skills include the following:

☑️ Administration of shipping companies
☑️ Financing and insurance of ships
☑️Planning and execution of new ships, modifications and renovations

In addition to consultation, River Advice also offers a wide range of services in the field of nautical and technical management.

Services include the following:

☑️ Planning and execution of maintenance and repairs
☑️ Installation and monitoring of the technical systems on board the ships
☑️ Protection and safety based on extensive professional expertise
☑️ Accident, safety, security and quality management
☑️ Planning and execution of training and further education
☑️ Training courses for ship crew

Another core skill of the Group is hospitality and catering management. Together with the customer, the hospitality team plans all services on board the ship. This allows the passengers to enjoy an unforgettable trip in complete comfort.

With its long-standing experience and extensive know-how, River Advice is the only Group in the inland shipping segment to offer all services from a single source. As a result, it is a reliable partner for all those working on Europe’s waterways (or those intending to do so in future).


River Advice is the first port of call for anyone on the lookout for a reliable partner in shipping company management. With around 20 years of experience in river navigation, the Group specialises in the administration and operative management of shipping companies. The highest quality standards and transparency are both key to establishing reliable, long-term partnerships.

Administrative management includes the following:

☑️ Hosting companies
☑️ Accounting
☑️ Budgeting
☑️ Reporting
☑️ International VAT returns
☑️ Management of ship insurance policies
☑️ Finances

Our employees are highly qualified thanks to regular training and further education courses. They have a wealth of experience in their respective field and always strive to achieve the best possible solution. Personal advice, addressing individual needs and reliability are all key at River Advice.



River Hospitality is the European market leader for individual white label hospitality services on river cruise ships.

Each year, over two million passenger nights are managed on behalf of international shipping companies and tour operators through the River Advice Group. In doing so, River Hospitality follows the corporate identity and values of the customer.

River Hospitality is aware of the individual needs of travellers and offers a wide range of flexible services. This makes it possible to address the highest demands through tailored white label hospitality services. This ensures that the guests of the tour operator can enjoy an unforgettable experience on board.

With River Hospitality, all tour operators have a partner at their side to help them realise their individual vision of an unforgettable cruise experience.

In doing so, close cooperation with the respective customer and the right network ensure that the brand and corporate values of each individual organiser are both noticeable and tangible on all trips.

Professional employees on board and in the office are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in hotels and catering. This means that all passengers benefit from outstanding service quality.

Fair crew work: First-class service on board is only possible with satisfied employees. With this in mind, the Group ensures that the crew are treated fairly and are able to work in a pleasant environment.



River Nautical is the reliable partner for the nautical management of river cruise ships in the River Advice Group. Shipping companies can benefit from a comprehensive range of services based on the latest regulations and safety guidelines seen in inland shipping.

With its own qualified nautical crew, River Nautical navigates the fleet it is entrusted with safely and reliably through Europe’s waterways. During this time, the crew is supported by the on-land Operations team at the competence centres in Basel and Zug.

River Nautical takes on responsibility for all nautical tasks on board.

Nautical tasks include the following:

☑️ Navigation of the ship
☑️ Management of harbours and moorings
☑️ Safety training of the nautical crew
☑️ Monitoring of weather conditions and water levels

Thanks to extensive know-how, the safety and reliability of the fleet is ensured at all times. At the same time, economies of scale reduce the operating costs.



The technical management of river cruise ships within the River Advice Group is the responsibility of River Technics. The range of services here covers construction and inspections through to repairs and maintenance and the full technical operation of ships on inland waterways across Europe.

With its experienced crew, River Technics ensures that every ship works smoothly and reliably.

The River Technics service portfolio includes the following:

☑️ Maintenance and repair of ship engines and systems
☑️ Monitoring of ship safety and performance
☑️ Planning and execution of ship modifications
☑️ Technical advice and budgeting of R&M costs

River Technics is also on hand to accompany the technological transformation of ships towards a sustainable future. In order to reach the European climate goals for 2030 or 2050, River Technics and its partners implement innovative solutions for making fleets more environmentally friendly.

Our Management Team

The team is made up of dedicated and successful specialists and personalities with the passion and enthusiasm to help River Advice navigate the future successfully.

 It is the goal of the team to offer customers the best possible support and tailored solutions in the nautical, technical, hospitality and administration fields. The individual strengths and abilities of each person is crucial, and allowing them to work to their full potential helps in achieving our joint mission – a comprehensively advised and satisfied customer.

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